Aceca innovates with you.
Through customization technology, we share with you the joy of creation.
Aceca, a pioneer in the field of personalized cutting.

Aceca provides you with a full range of customization solutions

including devices, software and materials

to achieve faster and more convenient personalized cutting.

We hope to share the joy of customization with every Aceca user through continuous exploration of cutting-edge technologies.

In 2016, led by a core team with years of experience in the personalized customization industry, Aceca was founded in Guangzhou, China. Since its establishment, Aceca has been committed to the research and development of personalized customization devices with intelligent cutting equipment as the core, and gradually formed our all-round customization system.

Today, Aceca is located in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Based on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao greater bay area, it faces the world and provides high-quality personalized customization services for global users.

With cloud service as the core, each cutting machine is connected to the Aceca Global Data Center via the Internet, so that each device can share the latest and most complete cutting data at any time.

Aceca devices, software and materials are all independently developed, and has a full set of intellectual property rights including utility model patent, design patent and software copyright of China.

Because of its advanced technology and excellent quality, Aceca has been selected and recognized by more and more individual and enterprise users. Up to now, Aceca has the operating experience of more than 20,000 customization devices worldwide , we understand your needs better.

Share the joy of creation with Aceca
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